Market Monitoring Unit Advisory Committee (MMUAC)

Documents   Meeting Date
Fuel Cost Policies (PDF)   12.07.2018
Price Formation and Reserve Markets (PDF)   12.07.2018
Zone vs. Constraint Based Congestion (PDF)   12.07.2018
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.07.2018
Aggregate Market Power in the PJM Energy Market (PDF)   12.01.2017
MMUAC Minutes (PDF)   12.01.2017
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.01.2017
MMUAC Minutes (PDF)   12.02.2016
Market Monitoring Indices (PDF)   12.02.2016
Transmission Penalty Factors (PDF)   12.02.2016
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.02.2016
MMUAC Minutes (PDF)   12.04.2015
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.04.2015
IMM Overview of the Three Pivotal Supplier Test (PDF)   12.04.2015
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.12.2014
MMUAC Minutes (PDF)   12.12.2014
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.06.2013
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.10.2012
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.16.2011
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.02.2010
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   06.09.2009
MMUAC Agenda (PDF)   12.08.2008
MMUAC Charter (PDF)   12.08.2008