Reports - 2011

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State Reports

    Posting Date
IMM Protest re: 2.5 Percent Holdback Rule No. ER12-513-000 (PDF)   12.22.2011
Proposal to Correct the Calculation of Opportunity Cost in the Regulation Market (PDF)   11.13.2011
Report on MIC-PLS (PDF)   10.24.2011
IMM Motion to Intervene and Protest re: Recovery of Costs of Black Start Units No. ER11-4402-000 (PDF)   09.20.2011
Review and Analysis of the Proposed Merger of Exelon and Constellation (PDF)   09.16.2011
IMM Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer re: MMU Role in MOPR Review No. ER11-2875-002 (PDF)   09.15.2011
Post Technical Conference Comments re: PJM's Minimum Offer Price Rule Nos. ER11-2875-001, ER11-2875-002, EL11-20-001 (PDF)   08.29.2011
Post Technical Conference Comments re: PJM's Proposed Clarification of Measurement and Verification of Demand Response Providers' Compliance with Capacity Obligations No. ER11-3322-000 (PDF)   08.15.2011
Comments of the Independent Market Monitor for PJM and Motion to File Comment Three Days Out-of-Time re: Exelon-Constellation Merger Analysis No. EC11-83-000 (PDF)   07.21.2011
Joint Comments of the North American Market Monitors re: Electricity Market Transparency Provisions of Section 220 of the Federal Power Act No. RM10-12-000 (PDF)   06.28.2011
Joint Comments of the North American Market Monitors re: Availability of E-Tag Information to Commission Staff No. RM11-12-000 (PDF)   06.27.2011
IMM Comments re: In the Matter of the Board’s Investigation of Capacity Procurement and Transmission Planning No. EO 11050309 (PDF)   06.17.2011
IMM Protest re: PJM Filing in Response to FERC Order Regarding MOPR No. ER11-2875-002 (PDF)   06.02.2011
IMM Comments re: Horizontal Merger Guideline Metrics No. RM11-14-000 (PDF)   05.23.2011
IMM Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer re: EnerNOC Protest and Revisions Needed to Clarify RPM Metrics No. ER11-3322-000 (PDF)   05.17.2011
Comments on PJM’s Price Responsive Demand (PRD) Proposal of March 3, 2011 (PDF)   05.11.2011
IMM Comments Re: Calculation of the Cost-Based Offers Used to Implement Local Power Mitigation No. ER11-3384-000 (PDF)   05.10.2011
IMM Comments re: Measurement and Verification of Service Interruptions by End Use Customers Providing Capacity Through CSPs No. ER11-3322-000 (PDF)   04.28.2011
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: MOPR Filing Nos. EL11-20-000, ER11-2875-000 (PDF)   03.21.2011
IMM Comments re: MOPR Filing Nos. EL11-20-000, ER11-2875-000 (PDF)   03.04.2011
IMM Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer re: Answer Filed by EnerNOC No. EL11-23-000 (PDF)   03.03.2011
IMM Comments and Motion for Hearing re: EnerNOC Petition for Declaratory Order No. ER11-2288-000 (PDF)   03.01.2011
IMM Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer re: Proposed Rules for Evaluating Non-Regulatory Opportunity Costs No. EL08-47-006 (PDF)   02.04.2011
Preliminary Market Structure Screen Results for 2014/2015 RPM Base Residual Auction (PDF)   02.01.2011
IMM Comments to New Jersey BPU re: Matter of a Generic Stakeholder Proceeding to Consider Prospective Standards for Gas Distribution Utility Rate Discounts Nos. GR10100761, ER10100762 (PDF)   01.28.2011
IMM Comments to Maryland PSC re: Matter of Whether New Generating Facilities Needed to Meet Long-Term Demand Case No.9214 (PDF)   01.28.2011
Analysis of the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 ATSI Integration Auctions (PDF)   01.14.2011
Impact of New Jersey Assembly Bill 3442 on the PJM Capacity Market (PDF)   01.06.2011
Analysis of the 2011/2012 RPM First Incremental Auction (PDF)   01.06.2011