Reports - 2017

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    Posting Date
IMM Answer re PJM Answer Docket No. ER16-372-005 (PDF)   08.11.2017
IMM Post Tech Conference Comments re Natural Gas Market Liquidity Docket Nos. AD17-12, PL03-3 and AD03-7 (PDF)   08.01.2017
Activities of the Market Monitoring Unit: 2016 (PDF)   07.25.2017
IMM Complaint and Request for Fast Tracking re MOPR Waiver Docket No. EL17-82 (PDF)   07.21.2017
IMM Answer re Pleasants Transfer Docket No. EC17-88 (PDF)   07.13.2017
IMM Answer re FTR Forfeiture Rule Docket Nos. EL14-37-001 and ER17-1433-000, -001 (PDF)   07.10.2017
IMM Answer re Order No. 831 Docket No. ER17-1567 (PDF)   06.27.2017
IMM Post Technical Conference Comments re Subsidies Docket No. AD17-11 (PDF)   06.22.2017
IMM Opposition to Settlement re Dominion Reactive Docket No. ER06-554 and EL16-89 (PDF)   06.14.2017
IMM Answer re ESA RESA Docket Nos. EL17-64 and EL17-65 (PDF)   06.09.2017
IMM Answer re Pseudo Ties Complaint Docket No. EL17-62 (PDF)   06.07.2017
IMM Comments re Pseudo Ties Docket No. EL17-62 (PDF)   05.31.2017
IMM Answer re FTRs Docket Nos. ER17-1433 and EL14-37-001 (PDF)   05.31.2017
IMM Comments re Order 831 Compliance Docket No. ER17-1567 (PDF)   05.30.2017
IMM Comments re Pleasants Transfer Docket No. EC17-88 (PDF)   05.26.2017
IMM Comments re ESA RESA-ISD Reg Complaints Docket No. EL17-64 and EL17-65 (PDF)   05.24.2017
IMM Comments re FTRs Docket No. ER17-1433 (PDF)   05.15.2017
IMM Answer re PJM Answer Docket No. ER16-372-004 (PDF)   04.26.2017
IMM Answer re Pseudo Ties Docket No. ER17-1138 (PDF)   04.17.2017
IMM Comments re PJM Deficiency Letter Compliance Docket No. ER17-775-001 (PDF)   04.14.2017
IMM Comments re Uplift NOPR Docket No. RM17-2 (PDF)   04.10.2017
IMM Comments re Pseudo Tie Reform Docket No. ER17-1138 (PDF)   03.30.2017
IMM Notice re TranSource Docket No. EL15-79-001 (PDF)   03.29.2017
IMM Comments re Offer Flexibility Compliance Filing Docket No. ER16-372-003 (PDF)   03.27.2017
IMM Notice of Conditional Objection re Talen Docket No. ER16-1456-000,-005 (PDF)   03.21.2017
IMM Motion to Intervene re ZECs Case No. 17-cv-01164 (PDF)   03.16.2017
IMM Reply Comments re Fast-Start Pricing NOPR Docket No. RM17-3 (PDF)   03.15.2017
IMM Answer re Hourly Offer Flexibility Docket No. ER16-372-004 (PDF)   03.10.2017
IMM Comments re Fast-Start Pricing Docket No. RM17-3 (PDF)   02.28.2017
IMM Comments re Storage NOPR Docket Nos. RM16-23 and AD16-20 (PDF)   02.21.2017
IMM Answer re Base Capacity Complaint Docket Nos. EL17-32 and EL17-36 (PDF)   02.13.2017
IMM Response to AMP Complaint re Congestion and Pseudo Ties (EL17-31) (PDF)   02.09.2017
IMM Comments on Order 825 Compliance Filing (ER17-775) (PDF)   02.01.2017
IMM Answer re Amended Calpine MOPR Complaint Docket No. EL16-49-000 (PDF)   01.30.2017
IMM Letter re FTRs/ARRs Docket Nos. EL16-6-000,-001,-002,-003 and ER16-121 (PDF)   01.27.2017
Summary of BRA Analysis Results: 2013/2014 - 2019/2020 (PDF)   01.24.2017
IMM Motion for Extension re Talen Docket No. ER16-1456-000 (PDF)   01.10.2017
IMM Answer re FTRs ARRs Docket No. EL16-6-003 (PDF)   01.09.2017
IMM Amicus Brief re ZECs Case No. 1:16-cv-864(VEC) (PDF)   01.06.2017
IMM Answer to Request for Rehearing of Final Rule on Offer Caps (PDF)   01.04.2017