Reports - 2012

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State Reports

    Posting Date
IMM Comments re MOPR No. ER13-535-000 (PDF)   12.28.2012
MMU Activities Report 2011 (PDF)   12.18.2012
Analysis of Replacement Capacity for RPM Commitments: June 1, 2007 to June 1, 2012 (PDF)   12.11.2012
IMM Comments re: Gross CONE Value Settlement No. ER12-513-000 (PDF)   12.11.2012
IMM Comments re: Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation No. ER13-198-000 (PDF)   12.10.2012
IMM Comments re: Dominion Operating Reserves Complaint No. EL-13-12-000 (PDF)   11.02.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: Beacon Power Nos. ER12-1204-001, -002 and ER12-2391-000 (PDF)   10.19.2012
IMM Comments re: Use of Benefits Factor in Regulation Market Clearing and Settlement Process No. ER12-2391-001 (PDF)   10.09.2012
IMM And PJM Capacity White Papers On OPSI Issues (PDF)   08.20.2012
IMM Comments re: Revisions to Market Rules for PJM Regulation Market Nos. ER12-2391-000, ER12-1204-0001 (PDF)   08.17.2012
IMM Comments re: Capacity Portability No. AD12-16-000 (PDF)   08.10.2012
IMM Comments re: NESHAP RICE Amendment Comments No. EPA–HQ–OAR–2008–0708 (PDF)   08.09.2012
IMM Comments re: NAESB DSR Metrics No. RM05-5-020 (PDF)   07.30.2012
IMM Protest re: GenOn RMR No. ER12-1901-000 (PDF)   06.21.2012
IMM Notice of Withdrawal re: Complaint v. Unnamed Participant No. EL12-63-000 (PDF)   05.17.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re DC Energy Request for Rehearing No. EL12-8-001 (PDF)   05.07.2012
IMM Comments re Response to Order to Show Cause No. Maryland PSC Case No. 9271 (PDF)   05.04.2012
IMM Complaint and Request for Fast Track Treatment and Shortened Comment Period re Complant v. Unnamed Participant No. EL12-63-000 (PDF)   05.01.2012
Options to Address FTR Underfunding (PDF)   04.30.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: PJM's Proposal for Compliance with Order No. 755 No. ER12-1204-000 (PDF)   04.25.2012
IMM Comments re: Tarriff Revision for Compensation for Lost Opportunity Costs for Wind Units No. ER12-1422-000 (PDF)   04.23.2012
IMM Comments re: Viridity Complaint about Single CSP for Energy and Capacity Markets No. EL12-54-000 (PDF)   04.18.2012
Analysis of the 2014/2015 RPM Base Residual Auction Report (PDF)   04.09.2012
IMM Protest re: PJM Filing in Compliance with Order 755 No. ER12-1204-000 (PDF)   03.26.2012
IMM Comments re: PJM Proposed Queue Process Reforms No. ER12-1177-000 (PDF)   03.21.2012
IMM Motion for Clarification re: Minimum Offer Price Rule Revision Nos. ER11-2875-000, -001 and -002, EL11-20-000 and -001 (PDF)   02.17.2012
IMM Comments to EPA re: RICE NESHAP Revisions No. EPA-HQ-OGC-2011-1030 (PDF)   02.16.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: Development of New Interface Pricing Software Nos. ER08-1281-005, -006, -007 and -010 (PDF)   02.16.2012
MMU Activities Report (PDF)   02.15.2012
Preliminary Market Structure Screen Results for 2015/2016 RPM Base Residual Auction (PDF)   02.07.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: FE Proposal to Solve FTR Underfunding Issue No. EL12-19-000 (PDF)   02.03.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: EnerNOC Demand Resources No. ER11-3322-001 (PDF)   01.27.2012
IMM Answer and Motion for Leave to Answer re: 2.5 Percent Holdback Rule No. ER12-513-000 (PDF)   01.27.2012
IMM Comments re: Capacity Procurement RFP MD PSC Case No. 9214 (PDF)   01.20.2012
IMM Testimony re: Review of the Potential Impact of the Proposed Capacity Additions in the State of Maryland’s Joint Petition for Approval of Settlement MD PSC Case No. 9271 (PDF)   01.20.2012
IMM Comments re: First Energy Modifications to PJM Market Rules for FTR Funding No. EL12-19-000 (PDF)   01.13.2012
IMM Protest re: NYISO Interface Pricing Software Compliance Filing Nos. ER08-1281-005, -006, -007, -010 (PDF)   01.12.2012
IMM Comments re: MOPR Compliance No. ER11-2875-003 (PDF)   01.09.2012
IMM Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer re: 2.5 Percent Holdback Rule No. ER12-513-000 (PDF)   01.06.2012